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Star Trek Smileys and Symbols

A Short Introduction to Smileys

Smileys, also called emoticons, are little faces written in simple ASCII-letters. You can read them by turning your head 90 degrees counter-clockwise, that is in other words placing your head on your left shoulder. Usually they let readers better understand feelings and explanations of the author.

Smileys consist of a few basic elements in different variations, for example eyes :, a nose - and a mouth ), assembled that gets a smiling standard-smiley: :-)

Star Trek Smileys

There exist some smileys that represent characters from Star Trek. Here you find a list; observe that some characters can be displayed in several ways.

Smiley Character
]:-< Mr. Spock
>:-I Mr. Spock
(:-< Captain Jean-Luc Picard
(:-I Captain Jean-Luc Picard
@;-> Commander William T. Riker (without beard)
@;-% Commander William T. Riker (with full beard)
[:-] Data
:-| Data
+:-o Dr. Beverly Crusher
:-)B Deanna Troi
]-) Geordi LaForge (with VISOR)
8-) Geordie LaForge (with eyes)
}:-< Mr. Worf
{{{:-< Mr. Worf
(:-% Captain Benjamin Sisko
:-)::: Jadzia Dax
@%:-I Captain Kathryn Janeway
":-) Chakotay
7-)9< Seven of Nine
{!r] a Borg
}}:-( a Klingon
8>:-| an Andorian
* a Tribble
# a Tribble after assimilation by Borg

Other Star Trek Symbols

Symbol Meaning
=A= Starfleet-logo
=/\= Starfleet-logo
\V/ vulcan greeting (shows the hand)
\\// vulcan greeting (shows the hand)
LLAP "Live Long and Prosper!"
LLP "Live Long and Prosper!"

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